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About Us

Leg Injury

Sports Garments

Whether you are a professional athlete that require sports training stockings or enjoy extreme sport and require DonJoy knee braces, Nagel Orthopaedic Services can provide you with the full spectrum of services.

Workmen's Compensation

Orthopaedic services are provided for Workmen's Compensation situations.

Nagel Orthopaedic Services

Artificial Limbs & Orthopaedic Appliances.  We were established in 2001 and have two practices, one in Three Rivers, Vereeniging and the other at the Life Suikerbosrand Hospital in Heidelberg.

Although we provide all Orthotic & Prosthetic services, we specialize in Spinal Bracing, Foot Orthotics, Sports Injury Orthotics, Prosthetics and Hand Orthotics.  We also provide Breast Prosthetic services.

Rupert Nagel

With more than 25 years experience in medical orthotics & prosthetics, Nagel Orthopaedic Services leads the way in the Vaal Triangle. 

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